Machine Learning Attack Series: Overview

What a journey it has been. I wrote quite a bit about machine learning from a red teaming/security testing perspective this year. It was brought to my attention to provide a conveninent “index page” with all Husky AI and related blog posts. Here it is.

ML Attack Series

Machine Learning Basics and Building Husky AI

Threat Modeling and Strategies

Practical Attacks and Defenses



As you can see there are many machine learning specific attacks, but also a lot of “typical” red teaming techniques that put AI/ML systems at risk. For instance well known attacks such as SSH Agent Hijacking, weak access control and widely exposed credentials will likely help achieve objecives during red teaming operations.

Hope the content is helpful and maybe even inspiring for others to start building, breaking and better protecting AI/ML systems.

Reach out if there are specific topics you would like me to cover, or if you have any feedback. Also, if you enjoyed reading about this series, I’d appreciate a note. :)

Also, if you’d like to build Husky AI yourself, the resources are available at Husky AI Github Repo.

Stay safe, Johann.

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