Google Leaks Your Alternate Email Addresses to Unauthenticated Users

The Google Login Flow leaks additional email account information to unauthenticated users. I discovered this in the Google Account Login flow while building KoiPhish.

Responsible Disclosure

I reported this issue to Google and they looked into it and after a about 5 weeks of back and forth they decided that this is not an issue worth fixing. After asking if I can post about it publicly I got Google’s okay.

So here we go! :)


All that is needed to trigger the leakage is to call the unauthenticated signin endpoint at 

and in the f.req parameter provide an email address.

This is how it looks via Fiddler:

Google Email Leak

An adversary could do this at scale to retrieve additional accounts for phishing or possibly learn about recovery account - which in my case was the alternate account. lol. So, I’d assume others might have done the same.


Remove all alternate account associations. Since the altnernate account might be your recovery address - it was setup for a couple of friends I shared this with, so it’s likely a normal case.

Make sure that any alternate account is not your password recovery or 2FA to minimize attack surface.

Originally written up February, 8th 2019. Posted June 2019