Book: Cybersecurity Attacks - Red Team Strategies

Excited to announce the book that I have been working on:

Cybersecurity Attacks - Red Team Strategies

Learn about the foundational tactics, techniques and procedures to elevate your red teaming skills and enhance the overall security posture of your organization by leveraging homefield advantage. Cybersecurity Attacks - Red Team Strategies

Contents and Background

Red Team Strategies covers aspects that are not as commonly discussed in literature, including chapters around building and managing a pen test team. However, there is still plenty of technical content included as well. It is not a typical pen test book that focuses on common tools, or walks the reader through the various stages of a pen test.

The focus is on a subset of foundational techniques across Linux, Windows and MacOS that are useful to be aware of. There are also chapters to help learn about blue team tooling, as well as highlighting purple teaming and leveraging Homefield Advantage.

“Leveraging Homefield Advantage - How to build a pen test team” was actually the initial working title when I started on this over a year ago when putting down my learnings and take-aways for leading red teaming at Microsoft Azure Data for many years.

I hope that this book will be useful for many and contribute back to the security community from which I learned so much from. My goal is to help create at better understanding of adversarial, penetreation testing, as well as offensive security engineering disciplines.


Many thanks go individuals who help make this book a reality - this includes the many people I was able to learn from over the years. This book is dedicated to all those curious hackers, testers and breakers out there.

Elevate your red teaming!

It will be out Q1 2020, Cheers!

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